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27-3-2015 10:39
It seems that the failover went well for Exchange and some other serivces. Our datacentre redundant VMware cluster did also failover, however, do to the very large number of VM's. At the moment there is a queue active, VM's that were running in the struck datacentre will be brought back online one by one. This takes more time than that we expected.
27-3-2015 12:41
The failover of our VMware cluster did succeed and our new HP 3PAR storage failover went excellent. However, the VMware failover itself formed a queue, which delayed the failover to the Gyrocenter datacentre. We will be investigating this further with VMware. We will also be looking into the emergency power of our Switch datancetre. Customers will receive a full report asap. Our VMware Metro Cluster already re-balanced itself over both datacentres.

Dear Customer,

We are facing a catastrofic failure in most of our datacenters, our VMware, Exchange and other clusters went offline, most of our systems auto-failovered to our other datacenters and were back online within minutes. A part of the VMware cluster did not failover, we are currently looking into the this issue and fixing the situation.

We will post new information asap.

With Regards,
The Spango Internet Team

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27/03/2015 10:00